Mats Rosengren – On Creation, Cave Art and Perception : a Doxological Approach

The discovery of Paleolithic cave art in the late 19th century entails many problems, some of which are perceptual. Presenting doxology as a post-phenomenological way of approaching epistemic and perceptual questions, this article draws on the problematics of cave art and contemporary cognitive science to discuss the process of perception – what it takes to see what one sees – in caves (and elsewhere). The article concludes that in order to see and perceive anything at all, both our physical and our conceptual resources – the light of the sun as well as the light of the mind, as Empedocles might have said – are needed. The light of the mind is always inextricably linked to doxa. Thus, the article argues that a doxological approach to questions of perception and knowledge is required.

L’exposé de Mats Rosengren sera suivi par des remarques de Pierre Dumesnil sur « Imaginaire, Technique et Société dans la pensée de Cornelius Castoriadis »

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